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Amana is known for making quality, affordable appliances and is a top pick for choosy households. If you own Amana appliances and are looking for dependable Amana appliance repair services, you’ll want to choose an appliance repair technician that has experience working with all types of Amana appliances. Find the expertise you are looking for when you choose AJ Appliance Repair for your appliance repair needs.

At AJ Appliance Repair, we understand that broken appliances never come at a good time, and you’ll want to have your appliances working again as soon as possible. If your Amana dishwasher, refrigerator, dryer, or washer is not working as it you’d expect, we are the appliance repair company you can count on. Contact us today and get your Amana appliances running as expected once more. You can count on AJ Appliance Repair for reliable, affordable, and fast appliance repair services.

Brands We Service

Our knowledgeable appliance repair technicians are able to provide service to the following brands of dishwashers:

Amana Appliances We Repair & Install


Amana Washing Machine Repair

Your Amana washing machine is an essential component of your home and when it’s not working, it can be a major source of frustration. Regain the use of your washing machine by calling the washing machine repairman Durham Region resident’s trust. AJ Appliance Repair is your trusted and affordable local appliance repair technician.


Amana Refrigerator Repair

A broken refrigerator is always an unwelcome surprise that you will want to have repaired as soon as you can. When looking for an Amana refrigerator repairman, you can rely on AJ Appliance Repair to resolve your concerns with affordable and trustworthy appliance repair services.


Amana Oven Repair

If your Amana oven isn’t working like you’d expect it to, you’ll want to have the issue resolved promptly. When looking for Amana oven repair, you can count on the experts at AJ Appliance Repair. Let us help you regain the functionality and efficiency of your oven.


Amana Dryer Repair

A broken dryer can be a major inconvenience for busy households. When your Amana dryer isn’t doing what you need it to, you’ll want to find an appliance repair technician who can provide affordable appliance repair services. When looking for a dryer repairman, you can count on AJ Appliance Repair.


Amana Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are an essential component of any kitchen, and a breakdown can be a major inconvenience. When your Amana dishwasher is not working as expected, you’ll want to find a licensed repairman to ensure it is running like new again. When looking for a dishwasher repairman, you can turn to the experts at AJ Appliance Repair.


Amana Stove/Range Repair

When you love to cook, your Amana stove or range is likely one of the most hardworking appliances in your home. When your stove is not working as expected, you’ll want to turn to an experienced appliance repair technician. Choose AJ Appliance Repair when looking for an Amana stove repairman.


Amana Washer & Dryer Repair

An Amana washer and dryer is a combination that you rely on. When one or both of your appliances stops working, an appliance repair technician can help. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy repairman for Amana washer & dryer repair, you can count on the experts at AJ Appliance Repair.


Amana Gas Appliance Repair

If your Amana gas appliances are not working as they should be, it is important that you contact an expert to resolve the issue safely. At AJ Appliance Repair, we are your top choice when looking for safe gas appliance repair.


Amana Electric Appliance Repair

When the electrical components of your Amana appliances are causing you concern, an experienced appliance repair technician can help resolve the issue. Count on the experts at AJ Appliance Repair for trusted electric appliance repair.

Can You Install Amana Appliances?

At AJ Appliance Repair, we provide appliance installation services for most manufacturers. We have extensive experience with the installation of Amana appliances and are here to make the installation of your new appliances simple. Contact us today and have your new Amana appliances installed with confidence.

Why Work With AJ Appliance Repair?

At AJ Appliance Repair, we are your trusted choice when looking for Amana appliance repair near me in the Durham Region. We are owned and operated by a local licensed and insured technician and are committed to providing our clients with fast, reliable, and trustworthy service. Contact us today and see why we are your top choice when looking for Amana appliance repair and installation services.


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