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Newcastle is a quaint town located in the Durham Region that is known for its beautiful waterfront, picturesque neighbourhoods, and small-town feel. Newcastle is an up-and-coming community that is a top pick for families looking for a place to call home. When Newcastle residents need help with broken appliances and appliance installation, they turn to AJ Appliance Repair, the local appliance repair company they trust.

At AJ Appliance Repair, we understand that broken-down appliances are always an unwanted source of stress and frustration. If your dishwasher, refrigerator, dryer, or washer is not working as expected, you’ll want to find an appliance repair technician who can help you get back to running efficiently at an affordable price. When looking for appliance repair, Newcastle residents can turn to the experts at AJ Appliance Repair for reliable, affordable, and expedient appliance repair services.

Brands We Service

Our knowledgeable appliance repair technicians are able to provide service to the following brands of dishwashers:

Appliances We Repair & Install in Newcastle


Washing Machine Repair Newcastle

When you use your washing machine daily, having it break down can be a major inconvenience. Regain the use and efficiency of your washing machine by calling the washing machine repairman Newcastle residents trust. AJ Appliance Repair is your trusted and affordable local appliance repair technician.


Refrigerator Repair Newcastle

A broken refrigerator is often an urgent matter and when yours is no longer functioning as it should, you’ll want to find a trustworthy and experienced appliance repair technician. When looking for a refrigerator repairman Newcastle residents can rely on AJ Appliance repair to help them resolve their concerns with affordable and trustworthy support.


Oven Repair Newcastle

There are countless reasons why an oven might not be working as it should be. If your oven is no longer working as expected, you’ll want to be sure you have it repaired promptly by an experienced appliance repair person. When looking for oven repair Newcastle residents can count on the experts at AJ Appliance Repair.


Dryer Repair Newcastle

A broken dryer can throw off your entire routine and lead to loads of laundry piling up. If you don’t have a clothesline to fall back on, you’ll want to find an appliance repair technician that can help with an affordable and fast repair option. When looking for a dryer repairman Newcastle residents can count on AJ Appliance Repair.


Dishwasher Repair Newcastle

Dishwashers save you time and money and might just be your favourite appliance. When your dishwasher is no longer keeping your dishes clean, you’ll want to find a licensed repairman to get it running like new again. When looking for a dishwasher repairman Newcastle residents can turn to the experts at AJ Appliance Repair.


Stove/Range Repair Newcastle

Your stove or range might be one of the most frequently used appliances within your home. When your stove is not working as expected, you’ll want to turn to an experienced appliance repair technician. Choose AJ Appliance Repair when looking for a stove repairman in Newcastle.


Washer & Dryer Repair Newcastle

There's no question that your washer and dryer are an essential part of your home. Broken down washers and dryers can be a major source of frustration. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy repairman for washer & dryer repair in Newcastle, you can count on the experts at AJ Appliance Repair.


Gas Appliance Repair Newcastle

If your gas appliances are not working as you’d expect, don’t wait and see if it will get better on its own. For safety, it is essential to get in touch with an expert. At AJ Appliance Repair we are your top choice when looking for safe gas appliance repair in Newcastle.


Electric Appliance Repair Newcastle

Most of the appliances in your home require electricity to function, and breakdowns can be a frustrating experience. When the electrical components of your appliances don’t seem to be working as they should, you can count on the experts at AJ Appliance Repair for trusted electric appliance repair in Newcastle.

Appliance Installation Services Newcastle

At AJ Appliance Repair, we can assist with installation services for major appliances from all major manufacturers. When looking for electric or gas stove installation in Newcastle, residents can trust our experienced technicians. We are also your trusted source for the installation of other major appliances and are your go-to when looking for washer, dryer installation Newcastle and dishwasher installation Newcastle.

Why Work With AJ Appliance Repair?

At AJ Appliance Repair, we are your top choice when looking for appliance repair near me in Newcastle. Owned and operated by a local licensed and insured technician, AJ Appliance Repair is committed to providing our clients with fast, reliable, and trustworthy service. Contact us today and see why we are the providers of appliance repair Newcastle residents trust most.


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