Oven, Range & Stove Repair & Installation

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Oven Repair & Installation In Durham

Whether it’s  soup on the cook top or a turkey in the oven, your family depends on your stove to provide them with delicious meals all year round. When your oven stops working, you can only order in dinner so many times before it’s time to call AJ Appliance Repair to get it fixed.

Common Oven, Range & Stove Issues

Here are some common problems that may warrant a visit from one of our experienced technicians:

  • No heat or not heating up to the desired temperature
  • Cook top burner won’t light up
  • Extended cook time
  • Unusual error codes
  • Oven or cook top overheating and burning food
  • Squeaky door hinges

Brands We Service

Our repair technicians are experienced in providing service to the following brands:

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